September 2013

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The world was not what it ought to be. No matter how hard she tried, Lily couldn’t cheer the scowling, slouched people she met. She couldn’t clear the dull and dark clouds from the sky. Even the animals were a gloomy gray. It was like witnessing the world through depressing sunglasses. She couldn’t bear to see it this way.

So, she did the only thing she could think of. She bought new paints – the brightest colors left in the world – and set to work. A brick wall became her canvas. The mural needed to be grand. The morose masses stared blankly as she whipped bold strokes against the wall.

Her grin was wild, unbridled. As much paint stained her clothes and skin as the nearby brick. She was nearly finished now. Her audience grew, but no joy could crack their glowering lips. They didn’t know what to make of it. A landscape, though not. The colors were too bright and the shapes too perfect.

She dabbed one final gob of red onto a rose. It was finished. She turned to the gray masses and bowed low. Then, she faced her masterpiece. She bid the dull world adieu and stepped into a brighter space.