philodendron trio
One of my husband’s coworkers is crazy talented. We got talking at the holiday party and decided to do n art swap. I’d paint some things for her, and she would create a couple of candy dishes for us. I have three paintings of birches in the dining room, and she was interested in that style being applied to the split-leaf philodendron. I did the same three painting style (and one extra that I used for practice but still turned out pretty cool).

How is it done? Well, normally, I’d say “carefully,” but this is all impressionistic, so it’s supposed to be just a little rough. Look at it from a distance, and it looks like leaves; get close and it looks like abstract shapes and spatters. First I put down a blue gradient (this is all in acrylics). Then, the base layer of dark green, followed by the mid range, and lightest last. Finally, I added depth with my trusty palette knife. I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out, but they are NOTHING compared to the amazing dishes I got in return.

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