In exchange for the paintings, I received candy dishes. At first when she asked, I didn’t have much of an idea what they should look like at all. Then, it came to me. Why not Candy Kingdom dishes? We love Adventure Time, after all. It just makes sense. So. Then I got the crazy idea to paint characters on the side, like, overtop the glaze after they were done. The amazing artist went a step further and suggested I borrow her underglaze.

Now, never having worked with this stuff before, I was nervous. Mostly because there are all of these crazy cool details all around the pots (Here are her photos of the potteryand more pics of the final thing), and I was afraid to mess it up. But oh my Glob they turned out neat!

If you think these candy dishes are cool, you should check out her blog!


Up first is the dance party dish with Party God, BMO, Finn, LSP, and a candy corn person (or is that people?)dance party dish


This one has a cool pattern and texture on the outside, and decorated with Jake and Lady Rainicorn inside.jake and lady dish

The third dish I dedicated to Bert’s favorite character: Root Beer Guy! He’s investigating a mysterious crime on one side, while Peppermint Butler is up to dark magic shenanigans on the opposite side.root beer guypeppermint butler



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