I get vertigo. Not, like, constantly or anything, but it’s one of my quirks. As I was lying in bed last night, I stared at the ceiling coming up with haikus about the experience. That’s just how I roll (Haha).

Fun with vertigo
Carnival ride in my mind.
Please, can I get off?

Spin, roll, twirl, and turn
Here in the darkness I sit
All I want is sleep

The room lays still.
Open eyes hold it at bay,
But I am slipping

I never feel sick
It isn’t so terrible
Just another quirk

Alright, let’s do this.
Going to try to sleep now.
Crap. It is still here.

Bert’s been reading the Personal MBA list, so I thought I’d encourage him through magnetic poetry. We own the innuendo set, which is surprisingly well-fitted to the task. Though after a while, when I run out of words, the phrases start getting… weird.