She pulled him close, so their lips could meet one last time.

“Forget about me. Just block this whole terrible business from your mind and live your life.”

“How could I? I’ll stay with you. We can beat this thing together.”

“I won’t let you kill yourself for me. Swear that you’ll forget.”

Her eyes glistened with tears as she glared at him. It had to be this way. His legs felt weak as he uttered the words she needed to hear. She disappeared once more into the morning fog and he found himself on a familiar stone path.

The sun was just beginning to climb over the nearby hills. Its rays illuminated the tops of poplar trees, making them look as if they were on fire. A cool breeze rattled its way through the leaves. A small bird was singing off in the distance, delighting in the new day. The fog in the valley shrank into the lower corners and then vanished entirely.

He watched the scene for some time before continuing on his walk. It was shaping up to be a very pleasant day. As he strolled along the path he caught himself wondering where it was he had been walking to in the first place. It felt significant, whatever it was. He smiled and shrugged as he tucked his hands in the pockets of his favorite brown jacket.

If he couldn’t remember, it must not have been that important.